Tuesday, May 20, 2008

More Food...this time in Michigan

Welcome back, blog fans!

Today's second quickie blog is about my first (but definitely not last) visit to Slows Barbecue (www.slowsbarbq.com). It's old fashioned barbecue - brisket, dry rubbed ribs, pulled pork, chicken, catfish, etc. Lots of different sauces to sample, too.

This is a place I have been reading about and wanted to visit for a long time. It's practically in the shadow of the old Tiger Stadium, on Michigan Avenue. let's charitably say the neighborhood has seen better days.

I wouldn't say that urban renewal or gentrification has hit this part of town yet. On the other hand, there's a certain Detroit grittiness to the neighborhood. Plenty of bars and even the Gaelic League is down the street! Certainly a good sign for Guinness lovers!

Ambiance, however, is A+. Dark wood paneling, copper bar. Lots of microbrew beers on tap and bottle, and also plenty of bourbons. Somehow bourbon and beer both go extremely well with good barbecue, or bad barbecue for that matter.

On to today's lunch. A delicious barbecue sandwich on a kaiser roll, accompanied by uniquely flavored baked beans. Cole slaw and pickles on the sandwich. I thought about removing the pickles, but after tasting, thought better of it. Slows definitely knows what it's doing!

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