Sunday, November 25, 2012

Detroit Turnaround...again?

The Detroit Free Press's headline today asked the question..."Is Detroit's Turnaround Turning a Corner?"

Not yet, in my opinion. A few coffee houses, restaurants and shops, and a shortage of habitable (subsidized) apartments does not make a turnaround. But perhaps it's the end of the beginning, rather than the beginning of the end, for Detroit. We can all hope that this turnaround spreads to other parts of the center city, so we can show Detroit to our grandchildren and great grandchildren with pride, rather than with tears.

A Detroit coffee house 

Looking out on Detroit's future? or not?

First snow of the season - November 24, 2012

Woke up early this morning (5 am) to drive Tracey, Scott (new husband of two weeks) and Kaiya (3 1/2 years old) to airport for their return to Southern California after a terrific 10 day visit.

Bittersweet to see them go, but they have jobs and school to return to.

When I looked out the window, there was the first snow of the season! It's always a pleasure to see this fairyland, and I took some snow and put it in Kaiya's outstretched hand. She giggled and let it drop to the floor, where it swiftly melted.

Fortunately, 4 wheel drive Toyota took the snow in stride and there were no mishaps on the way to the airport.

Adios, Tracey, Scott and Kaiya!