Monday, July 21, 2008

Flowers & Food...or is it Food & Flowers...a Weekend to Remember

This weekend we spent a lot of time cooking, eating, visiting the Farmers' Market and a stupendous private garden.

On Saturday morning, in anticipation of a tapas party that night, we went to the Pontiac Farmers' Market to acquire supplies!

July is a wonderful time at the Market. Ripe, luscious fruits and vegetables...colorful flowers...big plants...a friendly, mellow crowd.

After Mexico, US prices for fruits, vegetables and flowers are still a shock. I'm sure my Mexican friends will recoil in shock. Anyone who says that inflation isn't a reality needs to spend a morning with me at the market.

That afternoon I cooked a Spanish Tortilla (potato omelet) and marinated beets. We took them to the party that night, and most were consumed. Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos of the beautiful tapas at the party.

The Jenuwine family's booth!

At the tapas party we met an interesting couple, Paul and Mary Sue Ewing, who have an unusual passion for gardening. They live in an 1890 era farmhouse near us, on almost 5 acres. They have flowers, vegetables, herbs, trees, sculpture, pizza ovens, a pond, a playhouse, greenhouses, and more flowers. They are passionate about their gardens - they know the names of all the plants and have made choices - sometimes unusual ones - about where things should be placed. It's a magical place - pictures can't do it justice.

Finally (a busy, busy weekend), we took a cooking class in....what else ....Mexican cooking....Rick Bayless recipes. Not as good as being in San Miguel, but not bad. See some photos below of the class and the results.

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