Monday, December 29, 2008

Carlos turns 60!

As usual, Linda outdid herself. My 60th birthday was December 6, but since we were on the road, Linda decided to give me a party in San Miguel on the Sunday after our arrival. She invited 18 of our friends and, believe me, we could have invited more, but ran out of room in the house. Even had to borrow folding chairs!

The dining room looked lovely, courtesy of Linda's decorating skills. The table was set with our nicest dishes and flatware.

Everyone brought a dish to share and Carlos made 6 kg. (almost 14 lbs.) of his famous turkey breasts, barbequed with an achiote and chile marinade. It was a big hit. The theme of the party was Superman (surprise!). As most of you know, Carlos is called "Superman" because the Mexicans have trouble saying Soberman, and it comes out like "Superman".

And Linda looked lovely. In fact, other than being blonde,
she certainly could be Maria Felix's twin (the woman on
the plate, a famous Mexican movie star -

Also note that Bella is in the lower right hand
corner of the photo, posing with Linda.

Although the party wasn't a surprise, part of it was.
At 6:30 pm, the doorbell rang and our building
contractor, Norbe
rto Godinez, was standing there
in his Mariachi costume and with his group.
They entered and began singing. Norberto
is talented and has a lovely voice.
More and more musicians kept arriving, and
we ended up with about 7 or 8! What a great surprise!

Friends, friends, friends...

Linda, Nancy and Karen

Stan and Max

Dr. Dan and Henrique

Phil, Leslie & Scott

Note Stan Richman's famous boardinghouse
reach (all the New Jersey boys can do this).
By the way, the food was delicious.

Henrique & Dan (again) and Debe
filling their plates

Irma (believe it or not, she's a
great grandmother)
and Bob

Linda wanted to make sure that everybody
was in the photos and the blog. That's Lou
on the left and Irene at the right. Henry
and Dan snuck in yet another photo!

Leslie, Max, Alice, Linda, Scott & Alice #2

Nancy, Phil, Debe, Jay, Jeanne and Leslie.
Whew! I think I got everyone in at least
one photo.

Phil brought in the cake with the requisite number of candles....6. This was all the fire department would permit.

That's a smile on my face as I prepare
to blow out the candles.

And you can certainly see my silly grin of happiness in this photo!

For all of you that were present, and all that missed this lavish
event, let me go
on record thanking Linda for giving me this
wonderful birthday gift!

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