Monday, August 17, 2009

David & Jen's Excellent Wedding

I have been a victim of "Blogger's Block" for several months now. But it's now or never! It's time! Better late than never! Sink or swim!

In other words, if I don't blog about my son David's wedding now, I have no excuse.

Let me begin by saying that Linda and I are ecstatic over our new daughter-in-law Jen!
She has already changed her name (although not her initials) to Jen Soberman. We love her and her family, Bruce and Barbara Seader, and Erica, Jen's sister. We couldn't have done any better! The love she has for David is obvious in the photos.

But the wedding was such an emotional high, and so terrific, that anything I write about it is bound to be a pale imitation of the real thing. But no matter. It's time!

Let's go back in a time capsule to the weekend of June 26-27, 2009, in New York City. Linda and I drove from Michigan, the car full of formal wedding clothing for both our families, and a dozen handmade styrofoam wedding cakes for centerpieces for the rehearsal dinner.

The rehearsal dinner took place at Bayards, an 18th century mansion near Wall Street. It was a fun, casual evening. We saw family and friends who came in for the wedding, as well as meeting some of David's new relatives. It was a beautiful, warm evening in New York...just perfect. David's friends and family gave toast after toast, and roast after roast. Some were even funny!

Linda actually made the cakes out of styrofoam and plaster, and designed the cupcakes and miniature brides and grooms!

But the big event was yet to come....Saturday night! It was held at Capitale
which is a swanky club in Chinatown. It used to be the headquarters of the Bowery Savings Bank, and was designed by the famous architect Stanford White.

What a gorgeous place! And the lighting, flowers, table settings and decor made it about the most beautiful wedding venue ever!

We arrived early, to dress and take photos.

David and Jen's friends were there, helping them celebrate by eating, drinking, being supportive and clowning around.

Any last minute jitters?

In case anyone doesn't know, David is a HUGE Michigan booster!

David and his mom embrace before the ceremony. Lots of tears were being shed. See lots of other pictures of David kissing!

After dressing, photos were taken of the wedding party.

More clowning around....

Was David getting cold feet and thinking of getting out on the Vespa? I don't think so!

But Jen and David certainly realized the serious nature of the important step they were taking!

The bride was gorgeous and the groom was handsome. The ceremony was moving, as the rabbi read letters David and Jen had written to one another. I hope they reread the letters regularly throughout their lives!

After the ceremony, David and Jen retired to a private room for a few minutes, then reappeared on a catwalk with a spotlight. Very exciting.

Then a terrific meal, speeches, dancing into the wee hours, and a post-wedding party for their friends in a huge hotel suite with a grand view of New York at night.

Do we look happy or what?

Jen's feet after the ceremony! Note the lovely pedicure!

The next day, all exhausted, we had brunch together, and talked about how wonderful the wedding had been. We saw lots of the guests at the hotel, and heard nothing but compliments.

The happy (and beautiful) moms!

Related and now friends forever!

Lots of friends and relatives celebrated with us, and below are photos of some.

Finally, we said goodbye to Mr. and Mrs. David Soberman, who jetted off to Hawaii for a honeymoon (I'll let them do that blog, as I was not there).

After months of dithering over this blog, I decided that the only way to handle it was to put in lots of photos, so here it goes! If one picture is worth a thousand words, this will be a very long blog! Hope you enjoyed it.

Carlos and Linda

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