Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Museum Day

I think I've already mentioned the ice cream in Buenos Aires, but if I haven't, please see sample above. This is a cup of Dulce de Leche Granizada (with chocolate chunks) and Chocolate with Almonds. This was our favorite combination, and Freddo is the high quality chain where we most often ate it! 

But delicious ice cream is available all over BA, and most of the shops will even deliver to your home in styrofoam containers. What a luxury!

After Linda finished her first full week of working in the studio, she was justifiably tired. However, the next day, she was ready to go again.

Walking along the street, we took photos of some interesting signs.

and ripped and torn signs...

We had a non-memorable quick lunch, but even in a small cafe, the chocolate brownie dessert was lovely and delicious.

We decided to make this a museum day (despite the rain, or perhaps because of it), and visited a number of small museums, such as....the Museum of Decorative Arts
 Unfortunately, they didn't permit photos to be taken in this magnificent museum, which was one the home of a wealthy family who made their money in agriculture. At the time this was built, wealthy Argentinians were most influenced by the French, and this home was designed by a French architect.
We didn't have a chance to eat in the lovely restaurant on the grounds of the museum, but would definitely say it looked beautiful.

There was an exhibit of posters designed by a German designer named Pierre Mendell. If you have time, Linda and I would definitely recommend that you look at some of his gorgeous work, such as...those he designed for the Bavarian State Opera.

Although it was hot and humid, Linda and I soldiered on (note frizzy hair on gorgeous blonde, below).

We then went to another small museum, called Museo de Arte Hispanoamericano Isaac Fernandez Blanco (now that's a mouthful, isn't it?). It was in a lovely old home, tucked away on a sidestreet downtown. And while we didn't love the collection (not our thing), it was a nice respite from the busy city.

On the long, hot, humid way home, we stopped for ice cream at Freddo (see opening photograph of this blog).

We arrived back at our apartment, and rested for a bit before dinner with Alicia Candiani (director of Proyecto 'Ace) and her husband Adolfo.

They took us on a driving tour of parts of BA we had not yet seen, and then stopped along the river Plata. There we saw people fishing and eating.

The barbeque looked wonderful. And in fact, Adolfo and I joked about eating here instead of in a fancy restaurant.

One of the vendors joked with us, and it wasn't until we left that I noticed his sweatshirt - University of Michigan! What a coincidence!

He offered to let me help him cook, and took a picture of me, which unfortunately did not come out great. But you get the idea.
 Linda, Adolfo and Alicia

We had a lovely dinner in a parillada, or grill restaurant, where I enjoyed yet another delicious steak. And then on to Persicco, yet another ice cream parlor.

The streets were lively with people, young and old. It was very vibrant.

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Loved your photos. Can't wait to see you in April.