Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Best Honda Dealer in San Miguel

Welcome to the best Honda motorcycle dealership in San Miguel. Well, to be honest, it's the only Honda dealership in town, so you're stuck buying there. On the other hand, it's conveniently located and the staff is friendly and speaks English.

Today, I was in for a free 30 day inspection of my new yellow Honda Bros. Turns out that the labor was free, but there was a 75 peso charge for the oil. Also, I was checking (for about the tenth time) to see if my backordered key blank came in for my scooter. No luck (again). Thanks Honda of Mexico.

Gustavo is the salesman I worked with when I purchased my first scooter and my recent motorcycle. He is shown above with my new yellow moto! He's a good looking young man who used to race motocross. Now he drives in daily from Celaya, a town about 40 minutes away, to sell motorcycles to gringos. He's the eternal optimist, and has a ready smile.

Lately, I've seen him on the street demonstrating this new quattromoto - or 4 wheel motorcycle. I'm not sure who he's trying to sell these to - children, small adults or the insane. I would certainly like to see Honda's market research on this baby! For you Detroiters, how do you think this would do in the Woodward Cruise?

Gustavo insisted that I photograph the office staff, las bonitas (the lovely) Claudia (left) and Margarita (right). He may be trying to score with them. Also, note the picture of Gustavo at his desk pretending to work! Hopefully, el jefe (the boss), Pavel, won't see this one.

I'm still lusting after larger motorcycles, but fear (of falling and of Linda) will probably keep me with the current inventory for the time being. Based on my (low) level of machismo, they may not even be willing to sell them to me! Below are some of the motorcycles for future consideration.

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alberto elizondo said...

Saturday Nov. 17, 12. 1:30 PM. Dirt riding with my kid, he broke the clutch lever of his Honda dirty bike 20 miles outside the city.
Called Honda San Miguel for urgent support requesting a) send part to hotel where I would leave payment, B) leave part with guard and would pick up and pay.
Offered to pay double the price of the part for "the service" and to give my credit card and security number as a collateral.
Their first answer: according to cashier, company policy is not to have product leave the premises if not paid.
Their second answer: when I called again - asked for an external repair shop. They put me on hold and hung up.
Their third answer: called back and was told that the sales person is with a customer testing a bike and will not come back.

My conclusion:
Honda San Miguel does not understand the concept of "service" nor "going the extra mile", even when they would have collected twice the value of the part.

I do not recommend purchasing any Honda products from them as "customer & product support" is definitely not their strength.