Sunday, January 27, 2008

Shame on Me

I could blame it on my toe (which I stubbed badly last week). Tried to find a podiatrist and was directed to a "pedicurista." He took excellent care of me.The purple is an antibiotic. Later I found out that his medical degree came from working at a Dr. Scholl's shop. Seriously!

or on my work selling books for the Authors' Sala ( See the display in the picture to the right, and be sure to buy the book from Amazon (Solamente en San Miguel).

....but I would be lying.

It was just plain sloth, laziness and general decrepitude caused by my old age.

I did manage to spend a busy week with Linda out of town.
  • I got a haircut
  • I sold a bunch of books for the Authors' Sala
  • I bought a new tire after getting a flat (visited about 5 stores)
  • I had dinner with friends
  • I took quite a few siestas (both before and after drinking quite a few cervezas)
  • I walked the dog a few times
  • I met twice with an attorney
  • I ate lunch with workers doing construction at my home
  • I drove home the construction workers
  • I got half a chicken free at Pollo El Machin (see earlier blog)
  • I never managed to get to the gym (sloth again)
  • I got a new key for my motorscooter (you wouldn't believe how long this took!)
  • I went to a chili cookoff and a mini-rodeo

Not surprisingly, there was a plethora of Texans at the cookoff, which was a fundraiser for an orphanage. My favorite chilis were pretty darn good, though I didn't stay long enough to find out if they were prizewinners. The real prizewinners were the outfits worn by the chefs. I especially like the hat of the Rat's Ass Team! That is actually the rear end of a rat on this man's head.

The young man in the picture with me is Said Merkel, who I am tutoring for his Bar Mitzva next year. He is actually having a better time than it appears. He's 12, so it's uncool to show that you are enjoying yourself with an old gringo.

There was a mini-rodeo, which included a team of young women in identical dresses doing synchronized riding (kind of like synchronized swimming on horseback). Said's English teacher was also riding on his horse, Amigo. Finally there was an amazing display of lassoomanship (to coin a word).

While watching the riding, I sat next to an attractive Texan woman, and snapped a picture of her. Big sunglasses, big hair, big breasts and a short skirt! Muy Texas!

  • I tutored a 12 year old boy for his Bar Mitzva
  • I watched an old couple making out on the curb in front of our house
  • I met some of the neighborhood kids, who were watching the gringos line up for a house tour of the house down the block
The attitude displayed by these boys is all an act for the camera. They are mugging for me. While I printed pictures for the kids, they watched my dog. At the bottom is a friend, Michael Sudheer, an interior designer, and Araceli, our neighbor's housekeeper. They were hosting visitors for the house Michael designed and Araceli works in.

Every event listed above requires way more time than the equivalent event in the US (although sometimes less money). Any one could have justified its own blog.

But let's face it. I was lazy.

I'll try to do better from now on!

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John W said...

Jeez, Carlos! What's with the toe porn? That image is just disgusting! Almost as bad as LBJ showing us his gall bladder scar. :)