Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Eve Redux

Last year, Linda and I blogged New Year's Eve in San Miguel. This year, New Year's Eve was just as much fun! We started with a potluck dinner at our house for 14 friends.

Susan and Mark brought some of Mark's homebrew beer (see Mark's beer blog)

 New friends and neighbors Joanna and Stan from Santa Barbara, California.

Dirk making a point!

Nancy and Linda posing for the camera!

The hosts....

Senora Alicia looking muy hermosa. And Max, her husband, is also clearly enjoying the meal!

Susan and chef Linda (wearing her new apron which she made with Hope that afternoon)

and of course Linda and the Hopester!

Look closely and you will see Bella on her back, sleeping peacefully amidst all the hubbub.

Minnie Mouse (yes, the ears light up and flash!)

After dinner and plenty of liquid refreshments, we walked downtown for the fireworks. The Jardin (town square) was packed with thousands of revelers. Music, dance, lights....adults, teens, children and babies....

 Lots of Chilangos (well dressed tourists from Mexico City), like this lovely young lady on the cell phone and the revelers in their red hats outside a disco.

Many of the people were wearing festive masks, costumes and hats.

The fireworks were less impressive than they were last year, except for the Bicentennial display (see first photo on this blog).

This thing lit up the sky for almost five minutes! Below is the illuminated church clocktower as midnight approached.

Lots of giant sparklers waved by young and old
Giant screen TV and searchlight in front of the Parochia (church in main town square)

Hope and Dirk (fellow Detroiters) enjoyed the light show!

On the way home we ran into our friend Raoul, the watchmaker, with his grandson (visiting from Oregon), who could barely keep his eyes open!

We arrived home about 12:30, exhausted and ready for bed. One of our neighbors must have been having a party, for Mexican music was blaring at earsplitting volume. I thought we would never be able to get to sleep, but within five minutes, we were out for the night.

Feliz Ano Nuevo
Happy New Year 2010

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mark said...

Glad to see you 'up and bloggin' again'. Great pictorials of the local Mexican scene, and thanks for the plug!