Saturday, April 10, 2010

The beginnning of the end....

While I visited the water museum (see previous blog), Linda was working feverishly to finish the edition of prints she had been working on. Oblivious to her efforts, I continued my lazy walks. I passed the building shown above - guess what they sell?

Then a lovely building, shown below at ground floor level.  

moving up one floor...

and then looking idyllic painting.

all atop a lowly dry cleaners!

I stopped for a quick coffee and snack at a beautiful old coffee shop.

Then continued to the main synagogue and Holocaust Museum, closed (as usual) for the summer.

All synagogues and Jewish buildings in Buenos Aires have federal security.Note the small white booth to the left of the entrance (appears to be just to the rear of the van).

Then past the Teatro Colon, a world famous opera house, unfortunately, closed for a major renovation. It is scheduled to reopen in May (our luck!) with the opera Manon.

Continuing my walk, I went to the famous old Cafe Tortoni, intending to have a drink at this landmark. 

However, seeing a line in front of tourists waiting to pay an exorbitant price to have a drink in an historic bar, I fled.

And went to Linda's studio to see her latest results.

and as the print comes off the press, we see a bit more...

and more...

TA DA!!!!!
The final print - the largest and most complex yet.

Linda was exhausted, so we celebrated with dinner. As we walked to a restaurant, we passed some lovely old homes.

We ate at a casual, but hip restaurant that had been recommended by one of the young artists with whom Linda was working. While the salad and pizza were not special, the mood, the presentation and the streetscape were well worth the visit.

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