Sunday, November 28, 2010

Back to San Miguel!

Dear Friends, Family and Blog Readers,
Our drive to San Miguel was long but uneventful. We listened to books on tape and lots of podcasts so the long day's driving weren't difficult or boring. We ate at interesting and/or unusual restaurants, some found at Gus's Fried Chicken in Memphis. Yummy! The best fried green tomatoes I've ever had!

...and some found when we were just plain hungry, like the Catfish King, where a table of policemen were also lunching.

Our friends, Hope and Dirk, caravanned with us - waving to one another as we passed on the highways and meeting up at night for dinner and hotel. Of course Bella was the usual terrific traveler, and happy to be with us.

We stopped in Houston 

to visit our friend Wendy from San Miguel, who is undergoing special treatment at MD Anderson. It was wonderful to be able to spend special time with her and Tashi, her dog. Bella agrees!


We also took advantage of our time there to visit a few of Houston's museums, such as the the Menil Collection, below....

But mostly it was good to spend time with Wendy.

Our crossing over to Mexico was a cinch! No problems at all! 

About four hours across the border, we stopped overnight in an old mining town called Real de Catorce. Situated about 8000 feet above sea level, the only main access is to wind up the mountain and then go through a tunnel of 2300 meters (over a mile)!

Inside the mile and a half long tunnel!

Tunnel entrance - one lane only!
 You can just imagine the thoughts going through our heads (ok, mine) (most notably, are we crazy?). We stayed at a bed and breakfast, Refugio Romano, which was perched on the top of the town, another harrowing drive up narrow cobblestone streets. (Another "woe is me" sigh)

View of mountains from Refugion Romano

Our hosts Mayra and Lucio (he's Italian) greeted us warmly with a home cooked dinner at their bed & breakfast, Refugio Romano.

Mayra, our host

Our welcome dinner with friends Dirk Bakker and Hope Palmer

The kitchen at Refugio Romano

Other images from Real de Catorce....

18th Century Church interior

Robe with metal "milagros" (miracles) inside church

Closeup of milagros

A vendors sourvenirs

Dirk, Carlos & a vendor watch Linda and Hope shopping

We left the next morning after exploring the town and arrived in San Miguel late Monday afternoon. Mari, our housekeeper, was waiting for us with open arms to help us unpack.  We were so happy to finally be out of the car, and sleep in our own bed.

The weather here is beautiful, warm and sunny. I know some of you are not having the best of weather up north (sorry!).
We are spending Thanksgiving with friends and are having a typical American dinner of turkey and all the fixings.

Wishing you health, happiness, and good food on this day of thanks (Dia de Gracias).

Write soon, or call us! 
We miss you all and send our love.
Linda y Carlos

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