Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Kids are Just Kids No Matter Where You Are

One of my weekly activities is delivering food to rural schools (Feed the Hungry) so that the students have at least one healthy daily meal. At these same schools, I have installed donated computers (working with a group called Computers for Kids) and teach computing to youngsters who have never seen a computer, other than on TV.
It's both gratifying and fun.

During the course of these activities, I keep my eyes open for things of interest. Last year, around the middle of March, I passed a kindergarden and saw dozens of children wearing colorful costumes - most dressed as butterflies, flowers and rabbits.

 I spoke to the principal, who told me that they were celebrating the first day of spring with a parade and the crowning of the king and queen and their court. It was charming!

This colorful pageant lacked only one thing - parents with cameras! Not a single one of the parents had a camera. In a flash I realized that they were too poor to afford cameras, computers and processing. Armed with my everpresent trusty camera, I took photographs of the children, and later made prints which I gave to the school to provide to the childrens' families.

This year, knowing in advance when the parade would be held, I arrived at the school with two cameras and plenty of batteries and memory cards. Two hundred plus photographs later, I returned home to again make prints for the families of these young children.

I'm sure, after viewing these photos, you will agree that these youngsters are as cute, sweet and adorable as kids anywhere. Although they often lack running water in their homes and cook over wood fires, they are as creative and funny as children anywhere in the world.

                                                             This year's King!

                                                             With his Queen!

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