Saturday, December 22, 2007

An interesting day....

Today is a typical Saturday....clear blue sky, temperature in the mid-70's.

I woke up and ate a healthy breakfast of coffee, pina colada yogurt with granola and dried cranberries. Since it's Saturday, I attended services at our synagogue. We had an excellent turnout for services and Torah (bible) study - 12-15 people.

Linda was not feeling well today, so I'm on my own. In the afternoon I walked downtown and saw some interesting sights. First was a 1950 Chevrolet, carrying a bride to church for her wedding. I missed the bride and the wedding, but took some photos of the Chevy. The driver was obviously very proud of the car. He carefully put a piece of foam rubber over the convertible top before he put the cover over it.

Opposite the gorgeous Chevrolet was a policeman directing traffic. On this particular corner you often see a policeman desultorily waving traffic on. But today the officer stood on top of a mound of holiday gifts. In his hand was a lantern with a green and red light which he was using to direct the traffic. Assuming that the gifts were being collected for orphans or some worthy cause, I asked one of the police officers. He replied that it was for the "campaneros" - which I assume means the other policemen. I guess it beats paying bribes - or "morditas" (translates as "little bites"). I must say that I understand why a policeman might want a microwave oven or another appliance, but I'm not sure who the metal rooster is for. I'm interested in finding out if the pile grows in the next few days. I'll keep you posted!

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John W said...

The photos of the policia with their regalos are priceless. Every time I think I've got a handle on Mexican culture, something like this comes along.

The little traffic light the cop is holding out--wouldn't it be great if they adopted it as the regular traffic control device. I'm betting it doesn't say "stop" and "go". Nah, it says, "Deposit gifts here."

Welcome to the blogosphere, Carlos. I'm your first subscriber, your first commenter, and if I get on it real quick, I'll give you your first link. Soon you'll be carrying ads for and making the big bucks.