Sunday, December 16, 2007

Wishing we were in San Miguel!

Dear Friends and Family,

Linda's mom is in the hospital, so we have had to extend our stay in Michigan. Today a winter storm dumped 6-8" ("inch" in Spanish is "pulgado") of snow.

We went out to the drugstore and bookstore. A three mile trip turned into an expedition. We almost got stuck in our own driveway! Parking lots are treacherous. Our rear wheel
drive car with tires that probably need replacement are not the best thing for snowbound streets.

Current plan is to return to San Miguel on Tuesday with four bulging suitcases. No more requests, please!

Our trip has been busy - with friends, family, and doctors' visits. If you haven't heard, Carlos has had good news concerning his prostate cancer. He will have no treatment at this time - just regular PSA tests and annual biopsies - what is called "Active Surveillance." This is the best news we could have gotten.

Lilah (our 19 month old granddaughter) has grown since we saw her last. She loves to dance and
wear Nannie's (Linda's) shoes. She has a great sense of rhythm and style. David came to visit for
the weekend (unfortunately Tracey couldn't come - new job).

Lisa, Tracey and David all started new jobs this week! Happiness is three employed adult children (or, as our friend Alice says, "You're only as happy as your unhappiest child").

I forgot to mention that we have house guests...a large family of squirrels, which has taken up residence in the walls, garage and attic of our house. We hear them scurrying around, and when we bang on the floors or walls, the noise stops. We hired Critter Control, a local pest management company, to trap them, but they have been stymied so far. It figures - we got the smart squirrels. We have found nuts in the house, so apparently some of the squirrels have been bold enough to enter the house while we were gone. It's war!

Last Saturday we had a birthday party for Carlos (December 6, for future reference). We enjoyed a delicious Mexican dinner and entertainment provided by David Linden and Tom Holyer, two of our good friends.

We ate, drank and laughed a lot - and discovered that none of us can sing and that none of us can remember the lyrics to the popular songs from our youth!

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