Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Eve in San Miguel

New Year's Eve in San Miguel is about like New Year's Eve anywhere in the world. You decide with whom you will spend the evening...and where.

We started with a cocktail party at the new home of our Michigan friends, Dirk and Hope. After a cold margarita and a warm welcome, we continued on to Vivoli for an Italian dinner.

Alice and Max,

Irma and Stan,

and Nancy and Phil

were our dining companions, and a congenial group they were! We were seated at
about 10:00 pm, and ordered libations and dinner. Although a singer entertained,
we couldn't hear much as we were in the back room, and our conversation
drowned her out!

The dinner was delicious. I had lamb chops,
and Linda ate pasta. Wine and champagne
flowed (a bit too loosely, if you ask me).

We were issued hats, noisemakers and champagne by the restaurant shortly
before midnight, and this group really got into it. Confetti was also provided....

After dinner, we went outside to the Jardin (town square) to view the fireworks and the crowds.

The streets were decorated and full of happy
people, some in costume.

Unfortunately, we missed most of the fireworks

but the energy of the night was still evident, as you can
see in the video below.

We arrived home about 1:30, tired but happy to be in beautiful San Miguel!

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