Friday, February 19, 2010

First few days in BA

I noticed in my recent blogging that I had missed some things we did (and photos), so this blog will catch up on last week;s unblogged activities....

One place we visited was the beautiful Fundacion Malba museum, where a huge Warhol exhibit was on display. Lovely, but  ironic that we see a US artist's show in Argentina. The photo above was our meal in the museum's gourmet restaurant. Very upscale.

Then to the Bellas Artes museum. Nice building. Modest collection of European and US art, and good collection of Latin American art (surprise?).
Also visited famous Recoleta Cemetery, where Eva Peron is interred. More about cemeteries in a later blog.

It's a hot, hot, hot day, so we ducked into a lovely design mall to cool off. Nice kitchen store, where we bought a mandolin (not the instrument, but a kitchen tool) and some knives for the apartment.

Later that evening (Thursday) we went to Galeria Pacifico (shopping mall) nearby the apartment, where an opening for Canadian artists was going on (see previous blog from this trip). The mall had a theatre where a tango show was being presented, so we bought tickets. Music and dance were great!

Then on to dinner at a noisy, cool restaurant in the hood - Dada. Couldn't get a table, so we ate at the bar. Felt very in.

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