Friday, February 19, 2010

Flea Marketing in Buenos Aires...first week

Well, you know Linda. She can sniff out a good flea market anywhere in the world. Lots of interesting furniture, good prices, and hot, hot, hot again. That's probably frustration showing in Linda's face, as she can't buy all the things she sees!

She did try on a lovely hat, from Tony!

Anyone need a chair? 
How did they know I was coming? The sign says "I'm Chucky, the bad boy"

Your guess is as good as mine.

We loved the simple painted furniture!

and this wonderful burlap upholstery!

Then on to Palermo Chico, a nearby upscale area with shops, restaurants and lovely homes.

What a surprise! Linda found a women's clothing store and bought a couple of shirts.

Graffitti is ubiquitous and interesting in BA

Then, disaster struck. As reported earlier, we returned home to find that the hot water heater was not repairable, and that we were moving to another apartment. Alicia and her son Alvaro picked us up, and, after quickly packing, we went to Alicia's home for a light dinner of empanadas (a favorite BA carryout) before moving into the new pad. A long, hot, tiring day.

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